WB Teacher’s Association Held Protest Against Death Of Presiding Officer During Panchayat Poll Violence

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Kolkata: West Bengal Teacher’s Association on Monday held a protest in the city against the death of election presiding officer Rajkumar Roy in Panchayat election violence.

Earlier, the mutilated body of a presiding officer was found on the railway tracks in North Dinajpur on 15th of May. Rajkumar Roy, a schoolteacher and a father of two, had gone missing from a polling booth on 14th May the day of Bengal Panchayat polls. Roy was in charge of 48 number booth at Banbol Junior High School of Itahar as presiding officer. The family claimed, he was in touch till 8 pm. Soon after that his phone got switched off. His body recovered on the next day beside railtrack. Shortly Raiganj became furious on such mysterious death.

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Rajkumar Roy’s wife, Arpita Barman Roy, lodged a police complaint alleging that her husband was “kidnapped from the polling booth” at Sonapur Basic School, where he was on election duty.

It became prime issue of protest on the repolling day. On-duty officials held protests. They claimed, political clash during voting time has streched the issue. He may have forced to commit suicide, said Rabindranath Biswas who is a official and neighbour of Rajkumar Roy in Sudarshanpur of Raiganj.

The mysterious death of Roy (42) triggered widespread protests, with hundreds of poll officials, mostly teachers, blocking busy roads alleging murder and demanding security. When the SDO reached the spot to defuse tension, he was heckled. The polling officials were firm on not joining counting duties.

The government has decided earlier to compensate the family of presiding officer Rajkumar Roy with Rs 5 lakh and his wife with a job at a state-run office. Each of the family members of the 14 people, who died in poll violence, will get Rs 2 lakh.