WB Pradesh Congress Distributes Free Ticket Of ‘Padmavat’


Kolkata: As the controversial Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Padmaavat released on Thursday, triggering spats of violence across the country, members of Chhatra Parishad (CP), the students’ wing of West Bengal Pradesh Congress, distributed free tickets of the movie near Sealdah area.

CP supporters holding banners and posters saying ‘BJP-RSS go back’, gave out the tickets to 2.30 pm show of Friday. “It has been done as a protest of attack on school bus by protestors,” said Ashutosh Chatterjee, state CP president.

Earlier Congress General Secretary in-charge of Gujarat Ashok Gehlot said the party gives a lot of importance to the youth and priority will be given to them in ticket distribution for assembly polls in the state. “Youth will get a lot of priority in ticket distribution. They will get more than they expect.

“It would be too early to say what will be the percentage of that. The process has just started and in the coming weeks it will be finalised,” Mr Gehlot told reporters.