WB Panchayat Polls: Internal Clash Over Nomination, Thousand TMC Workers Left Party


Jhargram: In what might turn out to be a major embarrassment for Mamata Banerjee, President of Trinamul Congress Party as about 5000 workers from her party left the party before the upcoming panchayat polls in Jhargram, West Bengal.

As claimed above, these TMC workers are not going to join any another political party or they are not willing to form a new party. They left the party becuase of their internal clashes with the TMC workers in the district over the issue of filling candidate nomination for the upcoming panchayat polls.

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“We are not going to do anything which will go against the party before this up[coming panchayat election..” says Raju Mandi, Booth Chief, Jhargram (4th Block).

Such a defection raises the question whether political workers at the grassroots are losing faith in the TMC and whether they are starting to see the BJP as a alternate political force in the state. “Didn’t think whether going to join BJP or not,” Mandi further added.