WB Panchayat Polls: BJP Candidates Join Trinamul In Suri

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Suri: Six BJP candidates joined Trinamul in an 11-member gram panchayat in Birbhum’s Mayureswar where the ruling party has already won the other five seats uncontested.

The BJP six switched sides at the Trinamul office and said they would start door-to-door campaigns requesting the people vote for Trinamul.

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In Birbhum’s Mayureswar-II block, BJP leaders said they tried hiding the six candidates till the nomination withdrawals but Trinamul leaders put pressure on them after they surfaced and forced them to join their party.

Ramkrishna Roy, the district BJP chief, said: “There were continuous threats from Trinamul and police. The candidates were forced to withdraw nominations.”

CPM leaders said most of their candidates, too, had withdrawn nominations after Trinamul threats.