WB Panchayat Poll: HC Division Bench To Hear Panchayat Case Monday


Kolkata: Calcutta high Court on Friday announced that division bench of High Court will hear the Panchayat case on April 16, Monday.

It has firmly stated that, no further process will proceed without any written statement. Trinamool has to follow a specific set of rules in the lkegal procedure.

কল্যাণের আর্জি খারিজ, সোমবার হবে পঞ্চায়েত মামলার শুনানি

Kalyan Banerjee from TMC has urged for fast growth in the case. A two justice division bench of Biswanath Samaddar and Arindam Mukherjee has been form on this purpose.
High Court has rejected that on Friday.

The next hearing will take place on Monday. The justice has ordered to involve West Bengal Election Commission.