WB Panchayat Hearing Postponed In SC

Supreme Court
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New Delhi: The hearing for the West Bengal Panchayat elections have been postponed.
The Justice of the Supreme Court failed to appear on Tueday due to ill health. Hence the hearing was not possible. The next hearing has been fixed on next Monday.

The controversial West Bengal Panchayat Election is stuck in a legal affair. One after another, the verdict date has been postponed following its growing complexity. The Supreme Court Of India did not make any final verdict on Monday and deferred it on Tuesday. The Election Commission and State prosecutor said, delay over forming board will decrease the the pace of development.

The lawyer of Election Commission informed that, uncontested win is nothing new in the electoral process. It used to happen in other state too. No candidate came up with such complaint. The public prosecutor also said that the case has been filed with political intention.

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The Apex Court is not satisfied with the exchange of information happened on Monday. According to the court, candidate can come up with an individual case or people faced several life risking situation in filing nomination. Many people didn’t come forward to file their complain. Election Commission faced huge criticism on their role.

Trinamool got 34% uncontested win in the three-tier panchayat election. Several series of terrorising activity have been reported since the time of nomination submission. So lastly it has knocked the door of the Supreme Court of India.