WB Minister & MLA Faces Agitation In Islampur


Islampur: West Bengal Panchayat & Rural Development minister Golam Rabbani and MLA of Islampur Kanailal Agarwal visits two deceased families of Darivit students death case in Islampur.

The villagers have expressed agitation after seeing the ruling party minister and MLA in the area after two days of the incident.

Suspecting manipulation, villagers joinly said that they are not believing on the probe issued by administration on the death of two ABVP students of Darivit High School.

The State minister Golam Rabbani said that, “the DI has been suspended, those who are involved in the recruitment process will be arrested. He said that, “An investigation going on the death of two students. If the police charged with allegation, legal action will be taken against police. All the peple involved in the process will be identified.”

The Panchayat and Rural Development minister has visited the place after many political leaders visited the place. Administration assured neutral investigation on the incident.

The villagers are agitated as the ruling party government minister and MLA visiting the place after two days.