WB Left Wings To Hold Protest In Front Of Parliament


Kolkata: Left Chairman Biman Basu on Thursday in a press release announced that CPM, CPI, Forward Block, RSP, CPIML(Liberation) jointly taken an agenda to hold a sit-in demonstration in front of parliament on July 24.

Four leftist part of West Bengal and CPIML (Liberation) have stated the reason as people witnessed killing of democracy and democratic rights in West Bengal panchayat and Tripura legislative election.

Every district will also hold sit-in demonstration from 3 to 6 pm. Kolkata and Howarah leftist group will campaign in those three days.

Students will hold sit-in demonstration in front of Bikash Bhavan in protest of democracy killings and losing right of education. It is nothing new that leftist group is holding a protest together. Though they have a difference in ideology but secularism has brought them together.