Mamata Orders ‘Investigation & Action’ On Narada Sting


Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Friday ordered a probe in the Narada sting which jolted the ruling government as many of its ministers were caught on camera accepting ‘bribe’ promising undue favour.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that an investigation will be launched under the police commissioner of Kolkata to probe the alleged involvement of the leaders and promised action against the guilty.

“We have been much maligned over the Narada sting so to unearth the truth I have ordered the police to investigate and tale action against the guilty. I just want thetruth to prevail.” said Ms Banerjee.

“I have held a crucial meet with the chief secretary and asked the police to conduct an impartial investigation and unveil the conspiracy.” she added further.

The Narada sting had left a great scar on the otherwise clean image of Mamata Banerjee as many top Trinamool Congress leaders including former transport minister Madan Mitra, Urban development minister Firhad Hakim, Mukul Roy were allegedly caught taking money.

The opposition parties have raised an immense hue and cry over the Narada sting and made a futile try to turn the sting against TMC in the Assembly polls.

Mathew Samuel, the chief of Narada News had earlier claimed in a press conference in Kolkata that the footage are authentic and the accused on the video did take the ‘bribe’.

The Calcutta High Court too had formed a committee to probe the sting and the video footage hace been kept under the supervision of the probing committee.

However, the opposition is apprehensive that Kolkata police commissioner Rajiv Kumar known to be within the ‘close circle’ of the TMC supremo, might influence the probe and sought CBI inquiry.

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