WB Govt To Launch E-Rickshaws For Unemployed Youths


Kolkata: It can be said that there is no employment in heavy industrial sector in the state. The rate of recruitment of staff in the government office is low. Yet, the Chief Minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee claims that 80 lakhs have got a job. However, the situation of real employment in the state is so worrying that in order to reduce the unemployment, Nabanna has decided to give e-rickshaws to the youths.

In order to overcome the unemployment problem in the state, the government decided to allow the running of 10 thousand e-rickshaws in different districts. This is because to give employment to unemployed youths in rural areas. The project will cost a total of Tk 365 crore under the self-employment department.

The youths will get these e-rickshaws under the Swami Vivekananda self-employed employment project. All the e-rickshaws are battery-operated and environment-friendly. Made in China, these e-rickshaws will cost Rs 1 Lakh 25 thousand. Of this, 30 percent will be given as a grant by the government. Five percent money, the customer will have to pay the money. 55 percent of the money can be taken as loan from the bank. Later, plans to introduce e-rickshaws in Kolkata are also being planned by the state government.