WB Govt Requests DVC To Limit Water Release


Kolkata: On Tuesday, the irrigation department has sent letter to DVC requesting to cooperate with the state and limit water release. In the last two days, about 5,03000 cusecs of water was released from the reservoir of Guludi and Panchet in Jharkhand.

ফের ডিভিসিকে চিঠি, ঝাড়খন্ডকেও অনুরোধ রাজ্যের

The Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) has released water from it’s reservoir four times in a day and which has made the state government unhappy.

Chief Secretary of West Bengal Maloy De has requested Jharkhand Chief Secretary to limit the release of water over a phone call .

The state government has expressed dissatisfaction on Monday that the DVC is not cooperating. But on Tuesday DVC again released 92,734 cusecs water from Durgapur Barrage and 60,000 cusecs water from Panchet Dam , state has claimed that total four times in a day DVC has released water.

Irrigation Minister Rajiv Bandyopadhyay said, ” DVC’s behavior has made them sad. Despite repeated requests they are not listening. The reservoir still has five to seven feet. But instead of holding the water they are releasing it according to their wish.”

Heavy rains have battered the entire state of West Bengal , the situation is becoming more alarming after the DCV’s water release.