WB Govt New Initiative To Start Additional Delivery Centres


Kolkata: After promoting ‘Waiting Huts’ or ‘Pre Delivery Huts’ ,to increase the percentage of institutional delivery in the state, the government has taken the initiative to start 97 additional delivery centres.

According to the state secretariat, at present, there are 915 health centres in West Bengal. Out of them, 128 centres have delivery centres. With the addition of 97 delivery centres, the number will rise to 225.

When in Bengal maternal mortality ratio reduced to 27 per cent, from 41 per cent, facts acknowledged and appreciated by the Union Health Ministry. According to the health officials, this initiative has been taken to increase the percentage of institutional delivery in West Bengal.

To add to this initiative, Matriyaan scheme has already been started by the government. Matriyaan scheme enables to transport a pregnant woman from her house to a nearby hospital or health centre.

To bring relief to women for whom it is too long a distance to cover to reach health centers to enable institutional delivery of babies, and whose families are often too poor to pay for hiring vehicles to bring expectant mothers, these additional delivery centres will be a relief for the state.