WB Govt Installing Lockers In Schools To Give Relief From Weighty School Bags


Kolkata: To save students from the load of heavy school bags, the State Government has decided to build lockers in schools. Every student would get a locker.

This is an extremely welcome move by the government. Students would now be able to relax while travelling from and to their schools.

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This project would be implemented in all government schools – be they directly run by the government, government-aided or government-sponsored.

In the first phase, students from class I to VIII would get lockers, and the second phase, students from class IX to XII. Fifty thousand primary schools and 14,000 secondary (Madhyamik) schools would get the lockers.

The lockers for each class would be set up within the classrooms themselves or where space is not available, outside. Funds have already been allocated for the purpose.

Every locker will have the name of the student concerned. For classes I and II, students will be allowed to keep all their books in the lockers. For the others, some may be kept in the lockers and the rest carried home. Besides books, pencil boxes, school bags, water bottles, dry foods, and even PT dresses can be kept in the lockers.