WB CM Mamata Banerjee Rapped Police For Frequent Murders


Nadia: Addressing an administrative meeting at Krishnanagar, Mamata directed SP Sheesh Ram Jhajharia, who attended the meeting, to take immediate action once a crime is committed.

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee alleged that contract killers from Bangladesh were coming to Nadia to commit murders.  “For the last one year, incidents of crimes have gone up in Nadia district. Recently, incidents of murders have gone up in places like Ranaghat and Taherpur among others. Contract killers from Bangladesh come here to commit murders… after committing the crime, they are returning to their country,” she told the SP.

She added: “Four to five people belonging to my party have been murdered. Why are frequent murders taking place? Why doesn’t the police have prior information about such incidents? Why is your intelligence apparatus failing? You have to tackle this as it has become a daily routine here.”

“Whenever an accident takes place, people go on a rampage and destroy public property. They set vehicles on fire and create hindrance in rescue operations. Some people do this for political mileage. I will ask the police to take action at once. Action means not to fire bullets but to react responsibly. We cannot allow road blockades at the drop of a hat. If needed, the police will have to take preventive measures to stop this,” she expressed her concerns over road safety.

Mamata also asked her MLAs to stay alert regarding incidents of communal tension in the district. “Keep strong vigil in places like Tehatta, Chakdaha and Gayeshpur. Always remain alert and do not let anyone create tension between Hindus and Muslims. It is your duty to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your respective areas,”