Water Taxis For Leisure Rides On Hooghly River Soon


Kolkata: Soon, water taxis would be available for leisure rides on the Hooghly river. The West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) will be operating the vessels, which are akin to motor boats, from jetties in Kolkata.

Eight seats would be available in each water taxi. People can hire the whole boat too. Initially, the service would be available from the jetty at Millennium Park. According to a WBTC official, the vessels would be delivered by December 25; hence, plans are afoot to start the rides during the Christmas holidays.

Currently, WBTC operates mayurpakshi boats for one-hour leisure riders on the Hooghly every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. This is a very popular service. The rides cost Rs 100 per passenger. WBTC officials hope that the water taxis too would be popular.