Water Logging, Traffic Jams In Kolkata After Heavy Rain


Kolkata: Kolkata witnessed severe water logging and traffic jams on Monday evening after heavy rain. Areas like Deshapriya Park and Sarat Bose Road in south Kolkata had one foot of water on the road.

Many home-bound commuters were forced to walk as their vehicles were stranded in the middle of the road. Two-wheelers particularly had a tough time negotiating the water logged roads.

Water remains on the streets, nearly an hour after the rain stopped. Several parts of the city are reporting traffic jams after the downpour. With traffic moving on just one lane to avoid water, commuters are being advised to avoid areas that are reporting traffic jams.

Authorities say the water will take around two hours to drain out as it was a really heavy downpour.

A young man who had a train to catch at Sealdah station could not travel beyond one kilometre from his home in south Kolkata. “We left home at 8 to catch the train at 10 pm. Now that our car has stalled we won’t be able to reach the station. We have cancelled our trip,” 35-year-old Arnab Sen told NDTV.