Water Instead Of Petrol ! Shocking Situation In Kandi Petrol Pump


Baharampur: The entire country has shown agitation against the price hike of fuel
commodities in last few days. Protest took several forms like protest in public, effigies of many party leaders being set on fire. Hindustan Petroleum Binayak Filling Station of Bhavanipore in Murshidabad is selling petrol mixed with water.

Suspicions aroused when the cars stopped working after travelling few kilometers after re-fueling their tanks. The drivers were shocked when they opened the cars’ oil pipe to find water instead of oil in it. So the car owners returned back to the petrol pump.

The petrol pump authority took the full responsibility of their fault. The locals who were present at that moment also expressed consensus on the incident. The pipeline of cars contained water instead of petrol. The customers staged protest in the petrol pump. However they withdrew the protest as the authority promised compensation.

Few days ago, a complaint was made against a petrol pump in Birbhum. The hiked
price of petrol and such incident is worrying people around the district.