Watchman arrested for sexually assaulting child

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Bengaluru: The watchman of a Bengaluru school was arrested for sexually assaulting a 3 year-old child in Bengaluru. The girl was assaulted by the watchman. The watchman who hails from Kolkata, has been arrested. Medical tests have been conducted to determine whether the child was sexually attacked by the guard yesterday. The accused was identified by the girl and her sister who studies in the same school.

The school authorities have denied that the assault took place within the campus. According the authorities, the watchman has been an employee for eight years and his own daughter is a student at the private school in the Indira Nagar area of the city.

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The CCTV footages were handed over to the police. The management claimed that the girl was ‘cheerful and active’ during the day and was collected by her father at noon.