Watch Woman Walk Through Mine Field Unharm


Moscow: An unbelievable video has emerged showing a fearless woman marching through a minefield and walking away unscathed.

The stunning footage appears to show a brave woman sporting a blast-proof suit strolling casually down what appears to be a firing range.

Testing the bomb-proof gear, the Russian woman marches boldly onwards as the ground seemingly explodes around her feet.

The once-white suit ends up charred and blackened after a number of explosives and incendiary weapons are detonated right next to her.

But the iron maiden walks boldly on, confident in the ability of her blast-proof kit to protect her from harm.

Towards the end of the video, the woman whips off her helmet and mask to treat viewers to a hair flick worthy of a shampoo advert.

And, as if enduring multiple explosions wasn’t enough, she even manages to be all smiles throughout the bizarre scene that follows.

The bomb-proof blonde is given a bouquet of roses by a man in safety goggles, before saluting at the camera and walking off.

The Sun