WATCH How Spider Crawls Out Of K’taka Woman’s Ears


Bengaluru: In a horrifying moment, a spider was captured crawling out of a woman’s ear when she complained of a severe headache.

Lekshmi L contacted the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal, Bengaluru, and told them that she was feeling tingling sensation in her ear and headache.
However, doctors were shocked to see an eight-legged creature coming out of the ear lobe.

The video has now gone viral.

According to reports, the 49-year-old lady had fallen asleep in her veranda in afternoon. When she woke up, she was suffering from bad headache and was also feeling discomfort in her right ear. Despite rubbing her ear for some time, she could not get any relief. When she was unable to bear pain anymore, the lady was rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital in Bengaluru.

Thank heavens, the spider crawled out on its own after doctors flashed a light over Lekshmi’s ear in a bid to get it out.

Dr Santosh Shivaswamy, an ENT Consultant who treated Lekshmi, said it was “rare to see a live spider moving inside someone’s ear canal”.

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