Watch Shaolin Monk Running on Water!


Beijing: Achieving an incredible feat a Shaolin Monk has managed to run on water for a stretch of 125 meters. Shi Liliang used 200 floating plywood plunks to assist him running on the water.

Liliang, a monk from the Shaolin temple in eastern Quanzhou city, used the floating plywood planks to assist his feat, which requires him to move quickly and tread incredibly lightly to succeed.

Wearing only a pair of black shorts and with his arms outstretched for balance, Shi Liliang sprinted across a wide river in front of a large, cheering crowd who were willing him to succeed.

It is unlikely to be Shi Liliang’s final effort, however, as he been steadily setting targets and breaking record over the past year.

He set his 120 metre record in January, having recorded 18 metres the previous October.

Describing his technique at the time, the monk told reporters that the discipline required both speed and patience, adding: ‘You need to be fast but you should take only small steps.’