Watch ‘Love Express’ To Know 100 Wrong Things


Kolkata: Do you know what is wrong in the movie of ‘Love Express’. I think you don’t know 100 wrong things in this movie. ‘Love Express’ is the upcoming movie of Dev. The popular song of ‘Dhitang Dhitang’ is in this movie which has just released.

Song ‘Dhitang Dhitang’ has become very popular in YouTube. The Bengali movie ‘Love Express’ is based on the Telugu movie ‘Venkatadri Express’ 2013.

An angry household character is in this movie, who implemented strong rules for his house. If any member of his family did any wrong thing, the member cannot live in this house, and will have to leave. In this movie, Dev came out from house due to his 100 mistakes, incidentally, Dev has been introduced with his heroine in the train and they fall in love.

Director Rajib Kumar’s movie ‘Love Express’ will release soon.