Was India-China Conflict Prophesied In Our Puranas?


New Delhi: The Conflict between India and China and the events following it may have already been foretold in the Puranas thousands of years ago.

A very interesting assumption by Dr. Devjyoti Siddhanta, a defence analyst have expressed his views.

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The Story of Gajendra Moksha in the Bhagwata Purana goes as follows:

An Elephant named Gajendra was caught by a giant crocodile named Makara on a river bank while he was drinking water. The struggle lasted for a very long time (a thousand years). All the elephants relatives slowly abandoned him and the animal soon reached to the end of his stamina. He sensed his end and prayed to lord Vishnu. He offered a Lotus to the lord. Lord Vishnu arrived on his Eagle (Garuda) and decapitated the Makaras Head. Thus the Elephant becomes lord Vishnu’s follower.

According to Indian Defence News report Dr. Devjyoti’s analysis says that the symbolism in this story is very significant. We all know that India is represented as an Elephant in today’s reference and China is represented by a Dragon – which is actually a crocodile. Also note that America has always been shown as an Eagle. The Bald Eagle is on America’s emblem. So, it seems that the Puranas cryptically prophesied that a long (thousand year?) struggle between India and China will almost lead to India’s defeat but it will be finally saved by America and they will be allies after that?

সুপারি কিলার পাঠিয়ে আমায় খুনের ছক বিমলের: বিনয় তামাং

If we go deeper – then it’s no coincidence that a Lotus was offered by the elephant which perhaps signifies a BJP government in power! The more details we investigate the more pieces fill in this ancient prophesy.

Our smallest neighbours all seem to have resigned themselves to China’s superior influence much as Gajendra’s relatives did.

পাহাড়ে সংঘর্ষ চলবেই, ভিডিওতে বার্তা গুরুংয়ের

The Purana’s and other older scriptures have many times just been interpreted as stories but as our knowledge progresses we have found deeper profound meanings in them. An example is the ten avatars of Vishnu. From Matsya to Kalki they have perfectly described our evolution from vertebrates to Machine (Artificial Intelligence perhaps). The predictions run not only from millennia in the past but to thousands of years in the future.

Perhaps these stories were meant to be prophesies but could not have been maintained in their original format and got converted to stories and mythology due to being transferred orally though countless generations. It’s up to us to reexamine and reinterpret them as we are now living in the times the legends foretold about and can make more sense of them.

Dr. Devjyoti Siddhanta is defence analyst, Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kolkata24x7. Kolkata24x7 does not assume any responsibility or liability for the this.