Wars leave 13 million children without school in Mideast: UN


New York: The United Nations has voiced alarm over the “destructive impact” of the deadly wars on children’s education in the Middle East and North Africa, saying violence has forced at least 13 million kids out of schools there.

In a report released on Thursday on threats to the education system in six violence-torn countries and territories across the region, the United Nation’s children fund UNICEF warned that “the hopes of a generation” would be dashed should kids fail to return to classrooms in conflict zones of both regions.

Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Palestinian territories in the Middle East as well as Sudan and Libya in North Africa were the main countries the report focused on.

The report said that over 8,850 schools are no longer usable due to the ongoing political instability and violence.Peter Salama, the regional director for UNICEF in the Middle East and North Africa region, told AFP that “the destructive impact of conflict is being felt by children right across the region.”

According to the UN, one in four schools was closed this school year due to violence