Warm & Humid Holi Celebration In Kolkata


Kolkata: After the sweating celebration of day one Holi, Kolkata would not get relief from the uncomfortable weather. Kolkata to have a warm and humid weather throughout the day. According to the weather office, mercury will be high on the second day of Holi celebration.

Weather office informed few days before that mercury will be higher than the normal. Thursday had the highest temperature of 32.7 degree Celsius which is higher than the normal. The lowest temperature of Thursday was 22.9 degree Celsius which is 3 degree higher than the normal.

অস্বস্তিকর দোলের পরেও স্বস্তির পূর্বাভাস নেই হোলিতে

Reportedly, Friday temperature will be followed by Thursday. Friday is hitting 34 degree Celsius and lowest temperature will be 32 degree.

The weather office source said, sky will be clear in the entire state. There is no chance of rain till now. Due to the depression axis on Manipur and the rotation in Eastern Bihar has moved. The cloud in the sky will be removed. Clear sky will push the mercury higher constantly.