Wanted To Quit But PM Urged Me To Fight On: Babul


Asansol: Union minister of state for heavy industries Babul Supriyo, who represents Asansol in the Lok Sabha, said on Monday he wanted to resign from his post and quit politics after the communal violence in the industrial town in West Bengal last week, but was “inspired” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stay on and fight.

Supriyo said, in a series of tweets, he was restrained from walking away by a man “who leads by example” and “works relentlessly for his countrymen ignoring all this noise of deceit and false propaganda”.

“If today I am fighting all this Muck of Falsehood&Politics of Hate in WB, it is thanks 2 our Hon’ble PM who told me how we MUST triumph against all this Dirty Noise by continuing 2 fight with a goal in sight that of Development for ALL, something he DID in Gujarat&HOW,” the Bharatiya Janata Party leader tweeted.

He also lashed out at West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, saying her “one and only goal” was to stay in power by any “hook and crook” and that her workers of her Trinamool Party were trying so “that there be no opposition”.

“And, I confess that at times I really find it hard 2 convince myself 2 continue•How can a Constitutional Entity like the CM be so uncouth & desperate 2 win elections with unfair means?” the 47-year-old tweeted.

He said he was being “unfairly/brutally” treated on social media “for being truthful in reporting from ground zero about the continued biased, TMCPartyCadre like behaviour of Police that is igniting fire within a State where Hindu/Muslims resided in complete harmony til MamtaDi came 2 power with the unholy ambition 2 divide&rule”.

He said on Monday that music has won him hundreds of Muslim friends “who agree that MamtaDi’s appeasement Politics has created a deep-rooted divide in the society.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all abt my conscience&as the sun rises higher over the sea in Mumbai, I cn sense my rising resolute 2 fight evil TMC•I rest my case with 2 TRUE PICTUREs& tell u??We the footsoldiers under the leadership of Hon’ble PM, shall win??Love,” Supriyo said.