Want to work for people:Locket on joining BJP


Kolkata: BJP seems to play it’s glam card right. After roping in Roopa Ganguly and Anjana Basu, it was time for the Tolly-diva Locket Chatterjee to wear the BJP colours. In a press conference on Thursday, the State Secretary of BJP, Rahul Sinha publicly announced that Locket Chatterjee is the newest member of BJP and she will play an active role in the campaign of BJP for the up coming bypolls.

Locket Chatterjee said that she felt relieved to join BJP. While staying in TMC, the actress could not work freely. She was not able to compromise with her ideals, hence she decided to be in BJP, added Locket. The Tollywood heroine also said that she wanted to work for the benefit of people and Bengal. Politics was never her primary concern.

Previously she had held a respectable position at the Women’s Commission. But on shifting party, she has given up that responsibility. But Locket has made it clear that she would be an active member of BJP and see that she could engage herself with developmental works.

On asking about the ongoing Saradha controversies, Locket Chatterjee said that a sense of suspicion is working inside the party. Everyone seems to disbelieve others. Hence, she needed a fair atmosphere to work. She was not being able to work from her heart,as a result of which, she has changed his party, said Locket.