Want To Witness The Biggest Carnival Of Kolkata ?


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police is all set to control the Durgapuja Carnival which will be held on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the entire Red Road is decorated with colorful lights and special banners. An official of police said that the security system of this place is specially arranged. Special seating arrangements are made, so that nearly ten thousand people including VIPs and the special guests can enjoy the carnival properly. Some temporary stages are made at both the sides of the red road. From where everyone can enjoy the carnival program.

Know here what do you need to do to see the carnival?

  •  Police said that the ceremony will start at 5:00pm after the arrival of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
  •  It is the second year of the Durgapuja Carnival and so the visitors will not have to buy any tickets or collect the passes.
  •  Hence, the chances of overcrowded situation can occur so there will be ‘First Come fast’ system to control the crowd.
  • Keeping the safety precautions in mind police will be deployed from 12:00pm onwards on Tuesday.
  •  But the gate will be opened for the visitors from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    And after 4:00pm gates will be closed.
  •  Visitors can access through two gates.
  •  A gate will be located towards Dufferin Road and the other towards Eden. These two gates will have the checking system. Along with the metal detectors there will be other checking system.

This year 65 puja’s are taking part in the carnival, each and every puja committee have to bring four vehicles and only fifty memebrs will be allowed from each committee. The carnival will start from the Fort William in Red Road and will end at Raj Bhawan. If any committee wants to perform any dance they can perform it on the moving vehicle. And no one will be allowed to stop in between while the procession is on.

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The state government wants to make this carnival popular just like the Kolkata Bookfair. So different Bollywood celebrities along with the Bachhan family are also invited to attend the carnival. Beside this tollywood celebrities will also be visit there.

Police said that, as the place will consist of different celebrities, foreign delegates and VIPs so the police has arranged tight security system.

Kolkata police STF, Special Branch and Detective Branch of Kolkata Police are being deployed at the carnival spot. Beside this the CCTV cameras are set up to keep a close vigilance.