‘I Want The Culprits To Be Punished’


Renowned female actor, better known by her reel name ‘Pakhi’ was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Media Times 24 (a Bangladeshi web portal) had published a controversial news about Madhumita Chakrabary alias Pakhi on August 14. They published that Madhumita was arrested from a Goan hotel for having an alleged role in a sleaze racket.

But as per Madhumita, she was present at the sets of serial ‘Kusum Dola’. After giving a shot, she found that her cell phone was filled with innumerable missed calls and messages. She found out the truth after she called back to those numbers.

Initially she did not pay any heed to this news. But later on she had to intervene as the issue almost reached its heights. Atleast 100 offensive photos of Madhumita were already doing its rounds in the social media. In a fit of rage, she approached the cyber cell department of the police headquarters at  Lalbazar along with her husband. According to her, those ‘viral and offensive’ pictures were super-imposed. She even rubbished all rumours and said that she is not involved in any sleaze racket in Goa.

The question that arises is that why such a sudden twist in the tale of ‘Pakhi’? Is there any reason behind this? Several questions are already crossing everyone’s mind. But what is going on in Madhumita’s mind? Manashi Saha looks for answers.

1.Do you find the matter still depressing? Or have you become accustomed to it?

Look, I will not say that I have become accustomed to it. It is not even true that I am depressed of the issue. But I would definitely want those punished who have spread such rumours about me. For that, I am ready to do everything as required.

  1. Who do you think is behind this?

I do not think that anyone has done this to take out their personal vendetta against me. The news has been spread from a web portal in Bangladesh. I believe that without checking the authenticity of the news, and just to increase their viewer count, the portal authorities have done this. In short, they have used my popularity, such that more number of viewers read the news. To speak about those who have morphed my photos, they have not only targeted me but other renowned actors. So it is very important to find out those culprits.

      3. Do you believe that this is the result of Bangladesh’s anger against India?

I cannot say anything about it. But I have a good relation with Bangladesh. I love to listen to Arnab’s songs. I have even worked in several Bangladeshi advertisements and Telefilms. But I still cannot understand why did this happen with me? But I can say that those who have done this, are small in number. Hence, I would not like to blame the entire country.

  1. How much faith do you have in the Police?

I have gone to the Lalbazar quite a number of times. I have even discussed about this with many officers. I have complete faith in the Kolkata Police. I believe that I would get justice very soon.

  1. Did you meet with Aroop Biswas?

No! I have not yet met with Aroop Biswas, though I did speak to him over the phone. We will discuss on this issue very soon.

  1. What are your expectations from Aroop Biswas?

My demands are very clear. First of all, I want that, all those Bangladesh portals, which have spread rumours about me, to apologise to me. I would also want all such misreports to be withdrawn. But Bangladesh has not apologized to me yet. They have still kept those news in the websites. On top of that, they have even written about my visit to Lalbazar, in a coloured way. They are trying to prove that I have done this to prove India’s hatred towards Bangladesh. But this is absolutely not true. I want to speak to Aroop Biswas on this matter, so that he can  help me.


  1. Do you believe that whatever happens in an artist’s life, the show must go on?

It is not advisable to damage one’s career for anything. Today whatever I am, that is because of what I have done. Just for one misreport, is it good to take leave from work? But I want the culprits to get punished. They need to be punished, or else they would not stop their ill-works. Today I am the victim, tomorrow another person might be the victim.

  1. Women are bringing glory to the country with their win at the Rio Olympics. Based on such a scenario, Indian women are still the soft targets. What is your view on this?

This is saddening that till today Indian women suffer. Women who have made us proud in the foreign land, they have made us proud in our land too. Just the way truth cannot be hidden with a lie, similarly talents cannot be hidden too. Let that be a boy or a girl.

  1. Are you working on any other projects apart from ‘Kusum Dola’?

No, I am at present concentrating on this serial. A few days ago, I have completed shooting for ‘Meghbalika’, a telefilm.

  1. Do you think that this news will have any effect on your career?

Those who know me, they know the truth. So I do not think that this news can have any bad effect on my career.

  1. And in your personal life…

I am very much shocked. Initially I did not think about this. But later when I saw that a chaos was created, phone calls started pouring in with lots and lots of questions, I could not be silent. Because, during that time, many had believed in the news. If I wouldn’t have raised my voice post this, then my silence would have been misinterpreted.pakhi-2

  1. How much has Sourav (Madhumita’s husband) helped you in this matter?

He has given me his 100%. He is accompanying me to the Lalbazar amid his busy shooting schedule. He is continuously providing me with mental support. But Sourav is even shocked, just like me, after hearing this news.

Edited by Saheli Dey