‘If You Want To Attack, Attack Me, Not Dalits’


New Delhi: Expressing concern over the recent attacks on people from Dalit community, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that there is a need for strict action against them. Addressing a public rally in Hyderabad, Modi asked the assaulters to attack him instead of Dalits.

“If you want to attack, attack me and not Dalits. If you want to shoot, shoot me and not Dalits,” said Modi. The prime minister, who on Saturday had condemned the violent activities of gau rakshaks and demanded strict action against them, said there are few bad elements, shortcomings in our society and they need to be controlled.

We will have to strive hard to protect our nation from such anti-social elements, will have to expose such people. “There are few incidents that are very shameful. It is our duty to protect and respect the poor and Dalit people of our country. What right do we have to ill treat our Dalit brothers and sisters? asked Modi. “I want to tell people that discrimination between people is not acceptable. We must stop this.”

Modi also thanked the opposition parties for supporting the Goods & Service Tax Bill saying it is a revolutionary step forward towards ‘One Nation, One Tax. “Finally GST bill got passed in both the houses. Want to thank all pol parties who helped the Govt pass this bill. This is a revolutionary step forward towards ‘One Nation, One Tax’, will help boost economy,” said Modi.

He also called for ‘saffron revolution’ in the country. “I say, there must be ‘saffron revolution’ in the country. Saffron is colour of ‘energy’. There must be an ‘energy’ revolution.