Walking by Thames, Mamata remembers Hooghly


London: While taking a stroll on the streets of London, Mamata Banerjee laid out her plans and objectives in connection to her UK Tour to the Media. She was quoted saying that London and Kolkata are almost very similar to each other. If there is Thames in London, West Bengal has her own Hooghly. It was evident that on her business tour, she laid importance on the port facilities available to both the countries. She said that London is a planned City unlike Kolkata. The population is also a factor. Citing this fact, she said that there would have been more facilities in Kolkata provided there had been ample space in the City like that in London.

Walking by Thames, she referred to the river beautification process. Mamata Banerjee was seen sharing the things which the TMC government had done to beautify Ganges and its surrounding. Keeping up with the motif of her tour, Mamata Banerjee said , “I am industry-friendly, agriculture-friendly and pro-people. I have a social responsibility also. We need new business. It generates employment & helps in infrastructure development. We must care for people also.”

Thanking the cordial welcome given to her by the Duke of York, Mamata said that they had discussed a lot of issues regarding ties and women. She even said that it was a mutual step taken by both the countries  in the form of signing the 21 MoUs  which include a MoU between Cambridge and Presidency University.