Wad Of Bengal Intelligentsia To Visit Bhatpara Today


Kolkata: The escalating political tension in Bhatpara of North 24 Pargana has deep-rooted fear among the poeple. The peace and tranquility of the situation infringed in many layers where bringing back normalcy became impossible from past few days. With the determination to settle the situation, wad of intellectual are going to visit West Bengal’s Bhatpara on Thursday.

The locality agitated with deliberate bombing, loss of life, political tension which turned into violence after Lok Sabha and By-Election in the Barrackpore Lok Sabha Constituency.

In 2007, the intelligentsia of Bengal led by Bibhas Chakraborty, Aparna sen, Kaushik Sen, Bratta Basu, Tarun Sanyal and their lot have joined social activist Medha Patkar in their protest against the CPM-led blood spill in Nandigram as the ‘Harmat Bahini’ (mercenaries) attacked the peaceful Bhumi Uchched Protirodh Committee procession.

Violence in Nandigram has claimed 34 lives since January, when the region first flared up over proposed land acquisition for a special economic zone.