Vrindavan Widows To Tie Rakhi On PM Modi’s Wrist


Mathura: Widows from Vrindavan would tie rakhi on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wrist in Delhi tomorrow on the occasion of Rakshabandhan that celebrates the brother-sister bond.

A special programme was organised at the five-century-old Gopinath temple in Vrindavan, where rakhis were packed in beautifully decorated baskets carrying sweets.

Widows living in Vrindavan’s ‘Meera Sahabhinini’ ashram made a major contribution in the making of these scared threads. The programme was organized by Sulabh International, a non-governmental organization, taking care of 1,000 widows of Vrindavan, Varanasi and Uttarakhand since 2012.

Madan Jha, media in-charge of the organization, said, “Tomorrow, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, 5 widows from Vrindavan will visit the prime minister’s residence in Delhi and tie rakhi to him.”

Around 1,500 hand-made rakhis would be given to the prime minister. 94-year-old Manu Ghosh, while showing a rakhi carrying a picture of the prime minister, said, “I have made this rakhi with my own hands and I am very excited to tie it on the prime minister’s wrist.”

Vineeta Verma, the vice-president of the organisation, said, “A green signal has been received from the Prime Minister’s Office. A team of these women and social workers will be leaving for Delhi today.