VoiceForVikramChatterjee To Oppose JusticeForSonika

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Kolkata: After #JusticeForSonika, #WeRWithUVikram is viral on social media platform like Facebook. Social media is now divided into two parts. One is for Sonika and the other is now for Vikram. Vikram Chatterjee’s heartthrob fans have now opened a Facebook page to support him in his car accident and page has been named as ‘VoiceForVikramChatterjee’. Initially, the friends of Sonika started an online petition through Change.org seeking for her justice who died in a deadly car accident. The petition seeks to prove Vikram a ‘liar’.

সোনিকার মৃত্যু নিয়ে দু’ভাগ সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া, চলছে একে অপরকে কাদা ছোঁড়াছুড়ি

To oppose this petition, Vikram’s fans have opened a page on facebook where they have claimed that the accident was nothing but a ‘mere’ accident. At present, the number of people in this page is too low but the voice they have raised is bigger to support Vikram. Many posts have already been made in this page to save Vikram. To oppose #JusticeForSonika,they are using the hastag #WeRWithUVikram #VoiceForVikram.

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Police Slaps Notice To Actor Vikram

Sumana Pal, a facebook user wrote on #VoiceForVikramChatterjee’s page that “If it’s true then my question is, after knowing Vikram was drunk why did Sonika’s fellow friends allow her to go wd him? And Sonika herself too?? Would you say she was a ‘KID’?? No naa?? She also wrote that ‘as per as i know Sonika refused to go wd her bf on that night. Bt what’s the reason behind this to choose a drunken dead man to go with??’ Susmita Sanyal said ‘Getting INTOXICATED and HAVING A DRINK is Completely Different.’ Vikram’s fans are also using their respective twitter handles to spread the voice in support for Vikram.

Actor Vikram To Surrender Before Court

The Alipore court on Friday granted bail to actor Vikram Chatterjee after he surrendered in connection with an accident involving his car, which led to the death of model and actor Sonika Chauhan.

Later, in his first interaction with the media after the accident, Vikram said: “The matter is sub-judice and hence, I will not divulge much details. But I was neither drunk nor the car being driven at a high speed.