Voice Clip From Missing Kerala Man Reveals IS Link


Thiruvananthapuram: The voice clip of a native of Padne in Kerala’s Kasargod district accessed by security agencies clearly proves the link between the missing persons from the district and Islamic State (IS).

In the voice clip that Padne native Ijaz sent to his relatives, he said all those who left Padne, including Ashfaq and Shihaz, are safe and are with IS. He also said they have reached ‘Dar-al-Islam’ from ‘Dar-alKufr, meaning that they have reached the land of Islam from the land of disbelievers.

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In the clip, Ijaz regretted having lied to his relatives on the travel destination, but at the same time said there was no other option. Stating that IS is not a terrorist organisation unlike what is being propagated, he said the Prophet has asked the believers to stand by “Haq” or truth after learning Quran and Hadis.

The message that begins with a recital of an Arabic verse also warns that the police should not be involved and any publicity for this would lead to complications for relatives back here. The voice clip is among other text messages that have been sent through social media to the relative of Ijaz, whose wife Rafeela and two-year-old daughter are among those missing.