VK Sing Clarifies on ‘Dog Remark’


New Delhi: After courting by his ‘dog remark’ controversy former Army chief and Union Minister VK Singh defended his position on the matter and said, “I feel sad for people who have trivialized two unconnected statements.”

Union minister VK Singh on Thursday had said it was wrong to blame the Centre for every crime in the states. “If somebody will throw stone on dog, then you cannot pass the blame on government,” he had said. Clarifying his stand on the controversy that erupted later, Singh said that he does not believe in religion politics. “I have been brought up in a manner in which we fight as Indians,” he added.

The comments come at a time when there is a national outrage over the recent killing of two children of a Dalit family in Sunped village near Faridabad. Singh blamed the failure of local administration for the incident.

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