Visva-Bharati Students Thrashed For ‘Save Tree’ Protest


Santiniketan: The students of Visva-Bharati protested on Friday against deliberate slaughtering of trees at Canal Par Shyambati area to reconstruct a concrete road. Such ridiculous plan is tagged as ‘development’. Students who wanted to talk to the higher authority have beaten rigorously.

About 30 students sat under the pipul tree near Shyambati canal that was to be felled to make way for a project. They sang and staged street plays before they were allegedly assaulted.

“The police did not stop the attackers,” said Himadrija Chakraborty, a student of economics. She lodged a police complaint against three local Trinamul leaders, including Kazi Nurul Hoda, president of Trinamool’s Ruppur anchal committee.

Among those beaten up was Lavrenty Repin, a Canadian studying English literature at Visva-Bharati. “I went there with other students to protest the felling of the tree,” Repin said from his bed at Pearson Memorial Hospital on Friday evening.

Kamil Siedczynski from Poland, who is doing a diploma course in Bengali, managed to escape the assault. “I was standing at a distance but I saw the men beating up my fellow students,” he said.

Reportedly, the goons have a affiliation of TMC Birbhum. But a bunch of people who are flexible in any team with some ‘silly bribes’ were also there.

Trinamool leader Hoda denied the assault. “We did not beat up anyone. The protesters stopped the (felling) for two hours and we just removed them.”

District police chief Sudheer Kumar said the police managed to control the situation.

Critically injured students are admitted in hospital. Visva-Bharati authority has not reacted till now. Though the trees in Santiniketan and surrounding area is exclusively significant and purposeful.

A straight question is arising that the political leaders, administrations are focusing on such’development’ where the origin of eco-system is getting threatened. Human life is getting shortened. Now its a matter of ‘choice’ and ‘concern’ in the higher authority sector and what kind of development is important to the society.