Vision Document for the next 10 Years: Naidu



New Delhi: The vision document for the next 10 years Naidu’s on new city clarity. “Central funding will depend on the performance of state governments and the municipal corporations. There has to be a rating for both the states as well as the corporations. Who will give money without credit worthiness?
We will need to adopt a very abrupt new model to the public. Says Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu. “We will need to adopt a new model of people-public- private-partnership (PPPP) for making cities more sustainable and smarter,” Naidu told at a gathering in municipal commission gathering on consultative workshop on urban governance in Mumbai on 8th February.

He states the key to success is transparency through digitization of records and assets. If we do not harass the public, they will pay their taxes,” Naidu said. Venkaiah Naidu today Permits the states and municipal corporations in the area of urban development will depend on their rating and performance; said Union Minister Naidu even as he asked every city to prepare a vision document for the coming 10 years.