Personally, I was disappointed after SF: Virat

Pic-Mitul Das

Kolkata, Subhapam Saha: India’s semi final outing at the World Cup in Sydney was not a very loveable affair for the fans as well as the players. Infact, the nation criticized Anushka Sharma for Virat’s poor show. If one travels down memory lane, one could surely revisit the moment whem Virat tried to pull a Mitchel Joihnson bouncer which took a top edge and finally landed in the safe pair of hands of Brad Haddin. During his long walk back to the pavilion, the lens of the camera persons caught the pale, heart broken expression of Kohli’s girlfriend, Anushka Sharma, who was sitting at the hospitality box of SCG. Anushka was held responsible for Virat’s poor form and show, felt the twitteratis and the angry nation. At that time, Virat and Anushka did not comment on the incident. But as things subsided, the IPL started, the blue eyed boy of Indian Cricket, finally opened his mouth on the incident at a five star hotel at Kolkata on Friday.

Virat was quoted saying that it was a pathetic feeling and a pitiful incident that the nation held Anushka responsible for Virat’s show. She was just present there to cheer for the team. It was a tough time to cope with, says Virat. Kohli further added that such incidents truly show a person that who is his real friend at the time of need. “It is past now and I have moved on from the incident,” says Virat.It was evident that the captain of RCB felt real bad at the remarks and posts that were hurled at them. He was eves spotted saying that no one should forget how he has served the Indian cricket for the past few years. Facing such a reaction on failing to perform was something which was really not asked for.