Viral Video Of A ‘Haunted Swing’ Has Scared Netizens


A video of a swing rocking in a small children’s park has gone viral across social media platforms leaving some baffled and amused. The footage purportedly shows two sets of swing in a park, and while one is static the other ones moves forward and backward on its own without anyone sitting on it. The eerie movement of the swing also scared those who captured the video.

The fact that it was recorded in broad day-light, also scared many people and is widely being shared, even on WhatsApp, saying ‘Bhoot Jhoola’ or ‘Jhoola jhulta bhoot’.

The same clip has been shared by multiple users and many have claimed it to be from various places, from Jalandar to Mumbai. The fact that in the video only one swing keeps moving and quite rigorously in the end, has stunned many.