Viral Report: Man Who Save Pilgrims Was Not Salim?


Ahmadabad: If Salim, the driver of the bus ferrying Amarnath Yatris, had not acted wisely and shown exemplary courage, the brazen terror attack would have certainly claimed more innocent lives. Salim, the Gujarati driver of the bus that was ferrying the passengers, has now emerged as a hero by saving so many innocent lives while risking his own. But a little twists in the tale of Salim’s bravery.

বিতর্ক: অমরনাথ যাত্রীদের জীবনদাতা সেলিম না মৃত হর্ষ

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A major Gujarati language newspaper has claimed that it was Harsh Desai and not Ghafoor Salim Sheikh who kept driving the Amarnath pilgrim bus even after it was attacked by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir which helped save many lives.

According to the newspaper, it was Harsh Harsh Desai, the bus owner’s son, was behind the steering wheel when the attack took place. “It was Harsh Desai, son of the bus owner, who was driving when 25 terrorists surrounded the bus and one of them tried to enter the vehicle. But the bus conductor pushed him out,” the report said. The report has gone viral on social media.