‘The Violin Player’ Has Struck The Right Chords, Feels Director


Kolkata: The 22nd edition of the Kolkata International Film Festival has come to an end.  The week long film festival screened  films in many languages. Notably, ‘The Violin Player’ by Bauddhayan Mukherji has received accolades from cine goers. It had already being adjudged as the Best Feature Film in this year’s Durban International Film festival. Our correspondent Manashi Saha spoke to the director about his directorial venture.

Q: Heartiest congratulations for the grand success of your film at the Kolkata Film Festival. How does it feel to get such a warm welcome?

Bauddhayan: It is a great feeling. To get appreciated for your film in your native place is overwhelming. This film festival is closer to my heart, much more than the international ones.

Q: What is the next stop for “The Violin Player”?

Bauddhayan: We will be heading to New York, followed by Russia and Chennai Film Festival. The film will be screened in various film festivals till April 2017. I can’t reveal all right now.

Q: It is indeed a great news for the Tollywood industry. But will this film only be limited to film festivals? Any plans for theatre release?

Bauddhayan: We don’t have any such immediate plans. Every film has a shelf life for film festivals. That isn’t over yet. However, Netflix has bought the rights for ‘The Violin Player’ and will soon be available.

Q: A query from the audience who failed to catch up this film in Kolkata Film Festival. Is there any other possibilities to watch this film ?

Bauddhayan: Unfortunately no such options are available. Unless if they are ready to shed some money and attend the Chennai Film Festival.

Q: You started your career as an AD filmmaker, then eventually ventured into commercials and now short films. Was the alteration challenging?

Bauddhayan: It is wrong to term ‘The Violin Player’ as a short film. It is actually a feature film. Feature films have two distinct categories. One, being a full-length feature film and other a featurette. My film belongs to the latter.

Q: Talking about the film, is the violin player a fictional character or does it bear resemblance to any real life character?

Bauddhayan: The character is sort of based on true events. I came across a similar person in Mumbai who faced such an incident. When he shared his experience with me, I decide to pen down a story and make a film on it.

Q: What is your take on the character and also about the blackout?

Bauddhayan: When a person is faced with adverse circumstances, he is left with only two options. One is to fight back, other being to escape. My character is an escapist. When he is in distress, he shuts his eyes. We have projected the moment as the ‘Blackout’.

Q: Why did you choose Ritwick to essay the role?

Bauddhayan: I took the final call on casting. However, my editor Argha Kamal Mitra suggested Ritwick’s name. Previously my wife Mona had also recommended to work with Ritwick after watching him in a telefilm. So I decided to cast Ritwick as the protagonist of my film. He proved to be the perfect choice.

Q: Ritwick’s outstanding performance is the talk of the town. What do you have to say?

Bauddhayan: (smiling) Even the naughtiest child is a decent one in his mother’s eyes. Praising him, one thing I would like to mention that, he puts his heart and soul into the film and I believe his talent should not be limited to this industry. The world must get an opportunity to acknowledge his skills.

Q: What are be expecting post the grand success of ‘The Violin Player’?

Bauddhayan: I am working on a story for an English film. That’s enough information for the time being.


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