Violence in Jaunpur jail over inmate’s death


Jaunpur: Following the death of a jail inmate due to beating by jail warders, violence erupted inside Jaunpur district jail on Saturday night.

According to the jail officials, Shyam Kumar Yadav tried to molest a warder who was on routine duty on Saturday morning. He was beaten up by other warders and rushed to jail hospital from where he was taken to district hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

Following the death of Yadav the other inmates of the jail clashed with the jail warders and other staff and also resorted to arson inside the prison. Over a dozen inmates and policemen were injured in the clash which continued till late Saturday night.

The inmates also cut off the electricity supply of the jail and damaged jail property and even took a few warders as hostages after beating them. The district police was informed by the jail authorities after which additional police forces and a battalion of PAC was pressed into service to bring the situation under control. The police even resorted to lathi charge and also fired rubber bullets and tear gas to control the situation.