Villiagers Stages Protest Demanding Road Reformation In Malda


Malda: The villagers of Deotala in Malda has staged protest alleging irresponsibility of administration in reforming the roads.

The villagers said, contractors has left the work in half-done state. Three kilometers strech of Nandapur-Ulugpara is in worst condition.

The villagers facing constraint due to this. No vehicle can enter the village. School and college goers have to cross roads by walking to reach their destination.

A part of villagers blamed that local panchayat has looted huge amount in the name of road reformations. They will go for mass movement if administration do not listen to them.

The panchayat authority did not give any reaction on this but Zilla Parishad member Dilruba Yasmin said,”The reformation work has done on immediate notice. The work will resume soon. We will take action if there is any specific allegation.”