Villagers Call To Boycott Vote In Protest Of Miscreants Ferocity


Tamluk: The rampant rage of miscreants is constantly increasing. But administration is not active on taking action. Pulishta Gram Panchayat residents of Kolaghat have threatened to boycott the vote if no change took place in the situation. Many poster on vote-boycott have been issued and spread in the area from Tuesday morning.

Village residents held a protest holding posters in front of the Panchayat Office. According to the source, Sakina Khatun is having a tussle on property with Sufia Begam. It turned violent soon.

দুষ্কৃতি দৌরাত্ম্যের প্রতিবাদে ভোট বয়কটের ডাক বাসিন্দাদের

Allegedly, Sakina Katun and her son have been beaten with iron rod. Both are admitted in Tamluk district hospital. The family of the victim have filed FIR in Kolaghat Police Station on 14th April. But police has not visited the place after filing FIR. Sakina Khatun’s family has been threatened to death.

The entire village has stand beside the Sakina’s family and alleges, Sufia Begam and his family is involved in a unsocial activities. Many villagers along with Barparit village haave joined the protest. Police is silent after many consequence. The family of the alleged has not speak on this.