Villagers Beat Forest Workers in Maldah


Maldah: Five forest workers have been tied up to the tree and beaten by Villagers in Sreekrishnapur Village of Gajal in Maldah on Wednesday, said police. The name of the five forest workers are Dhoniram Sarkar, Mansoor Rehman, Bhadu Besar, Abdul Kaser, Akhtar Hossain.

According to sources, the expansion work of NH 81 was underway on both sides of the road in Sreeramkrishnapur village. Forest workers were cutting down trees on one side. On the other side electricity poles were being fixed. At this hour, a tree fell off on a electric pole. A electricity department worker was working on that pole, who got critically injured after falling from the pole. A school kid also got injured who was walking beside. The incident enraged the villagers and they tied up the forest workers to a tree and started beating them up.

Later police from Gajal police station arrived and rescued the forest workers. The injured electricity department worker has been admitted to Maldah Medical College Hospital. And the injured school boy is admitted to Gajal Village hospital.