This Village Got Electrified 69 Years After Independence


Lucknow: It was a day of celebration for Bitana Devi as she can finally see her dreams coming closer to reality.

Situated in Lucknow, Majra Faqeer Khera village in Mohanlaganj area became one of hundreds of villages across the country to be equipped with electricity for the first time ever since independence.

Many revelled when the first bulb was switched on in the house of a villager. For 31-year-old Devi, electrification assumes significance as her son can now study at any time as well as under proper lighting. “My son, a student of Class five was not able to study at night. Now he can do so,” she said.

A special drive is being carried out to electrify villages in the state. Towards that aim, General Manager of the Lucknow Electricity Supply Authority (LESA) Ashutosh Srivastava has adopted the village with an aim to ensure power lines within 20 days of its adoption. According to him, 35 connections to Below Poverty Line families and one to Above Poverty Line was given on the first day.

“I have directed all the engineers to adopt a village in their respective areas which do not have power yet. In this village, however, under the Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana of the Centre, only Rs 21 lakh was spent on creating the power infrastructure,” Srivastava was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

59-year-old Shatrughan carries a similar story.“ We have studied and spent our lives using lanterns. Now our kids can live a better life,” he says. An overjoyed shop owner said, “ Earlier our day started with sun rise and finished with sunset but now we will have a life after sunset too. Electrification will help students, traders and farmers in increasing their output. ”

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