Vijay Mallya Ready To Settle Dues


London: Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who is facing money laundering charges
in multi-crore fraud case, on Tuesday said he has not applied for any clemency plea
in Karnataka High Court and is ready to settle dues.

Mallya said, “I have not applied for any clemency plea or a plea bargain in my
unconditional offer to the Karnataka High Court. I am ready to settle my dues…
There are no further requests at all. The beleaguered businessman denied the money
laundering charges against him, terming them “completely false”.

“Allegations of money laundering and stealing money are completely false… At the
end of the day, the courts will decide. The full amount is also to be determined.

“You can’t have a situation where assets are attached based on complaints by the
banks… And yet, the interest metre is rising everyday. It’s an inequitable
situation. So, let the judiciary decide what is right,” Mallya said.

On the issue of extradition, he said: “As far as extradition case is concerned, I
think you all have heard it. That is now for the next hearing on September 12. And
I look forward to it.”

He further said any litigation is exhausting, because the time spent on litigation
can be used for more productive things.

Asked why he suddenly decided to settled in London, Mallya said: “I have been
trying to settle here since 2015.”

The 62-year-old liquor baron, who fled the country on March 2, 2016, has been
living in London ever since despite summons from Indian courts and law enforcement
agencies to appear before them for trial in various related cases.