Vijay fined for illegal logo on his bat


Dhaka: The ICC has fined M Vijay 25 percent of his Test-match fee for an “illegal” logo on his bat. The said logo, it is learned, was on one of the edges of Vijay’s bat, that he used last week in Fatullah during the only Test against Bangladesh.

The logo in question was placed towards the bottom half of one of the edges of Vijay’s bat. Under a new ICC rule which came into operation from May 1 this year. “Any number of Manufacturer’s Identification and/or design feature permitted on the edge of the bat but only within the top 9 inches.”

According to the ‘Hindustan Times’, Vijay had used the same bat during the Test series in Australia last year. Probably he was unaware that the old rule concerning logos towards the middle on the edges of the bat expired on April 30, 2015. The provision stated: “one Manufacturer’s Identification and/or Design Feature permitted on the edge of the bat not exceeding 50% of the edge of the bat.”