Vidyasagar Setu Toll-Free For Bikers From Monday


Kolkata: Happy announcement for bikers ! West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee government has exempted toll free for two wheeler on Vidyasagar Setu. Following the announcement of September 13, the rule will be effective from tomorrow, October 1.

But Why such announcement of exemption ? The pressure of traffic is high on Vidyasagar Setu after the Majerhat Bridge collapse. The dawn time used to get a tremendous congestion almost everyday. It is one of the fastest route to connect Kolkata and Howrah. The State administration has expressed such observations on the traffic movement. So such announcement has a chance for fast movement as it will not consume any time at toll free counter.

Previously, the bikers used to pay Rs 5 as toll free. A separate lane will be fixed for bikers. The government was earning approximately 5 to 6 crore from the tax which will be a deficit for the govt. To avoid the congestion, the TMC government has taken a decision like this.

But why the decision is taking? After Majerhat bridge collapse, pressure increased on the second Hooghly Bridge. Actually the traffic congestion is created on the bridge from morning. To reduce traffic congestion state government took decision to exempt from paying tolls.

Everybody have to pay toll Rs 5 to cross the second Hooghly bridge. But after the Chief Minister’s announcement it will not be needed. However, due to waiving toll fee, Government will suffer Rs 5 to 6 crore revenue loss.